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Fox Medical Equipment offers a broad line of Patient Recliners from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Our line of recliners are optimal for oncology, surgery, infusion, dialysis therapies, orthopedics, pediatrics and other treatment needs. Let Fox Medical Equipment help you select the proper recliner for your facility. Our team will provide the guidance needed to ensure that both the health care providers as well as the patient are comfortable before, during and after the procedure. From manual dialysis  recliners  to infusion therapy recliners and bariatric recliners to oncology recliners, Fox Medical Equipment has you covered. Our full line of products include:

  • Dialysis Recliners
  • Manual Recliners
  • Power Recliners
  • Bariatric Recliners
  • Cardiac Care Recliners
  • Infusion Therapy Recliners
  • Long-Term Care Recliners
  • Oncology Recliners
  • Overnight Recliners
  • Caregiver Seating
  • Sleeper Chairs

Diverse Product Options

features vary by model

  • Trendelenburg
  • Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • Stationary Arms
  • Swing-away Arms
  • Break-Away Arms
  • Side Tables
  • Retractable Foot Tray
  • Thermoplastic Casters
  • Heat
  • Massage
  • Push Handle
  • Foot Trays
  • Swing Away Table


Casters • Foot Tray • Side Tables • Swing-Away Table • Breakaway Arms • Push Handle • Head Cushion • Head Flap Protector • Arm Covers • Paper Roll Dispenser • Nocturnal Sleep Pad • Sleep Guards • Foot Rest Extender • Tablet Table • TV Monitor Mount • Oxygen Tank Holder • IV Poles

Our Trusted Brands for Medical Recliners