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Glove Box Dispenser

Fox Medical Equipment offers a broad line of Glove Box Dispensers.  From cost-effective models to executive and deluxe models.  Our selection of glove box dispensers are easy to clean and are suited for every clinic, patient room, office or lab.  They provide many years of service and are ideal for use in any area where cross contamination is an issue or protective gloves are needed.  Our full line of products include:

  • Steel Glove Box Dispensers
  • Clear Glove Box Dispensers
  • Wire Glove Box Dispensers
  • Adjustable Glove Box Dispensers
  • Custom Glove Box Dispensers
  • Isolation Stations
  • Single, Double, Triple and Quadruple Glove Box Dispensers

Diverse Product Options

features vary by model

Single – Holds 1 Box

Single – 5.60″W x 9.96″H x 3.80″D
Single – 6.50″W x 9.96″H x 3.80″D
Single – 5.60″W x 10.00″H x 3.80″D
Single – 5.80″W x 10.06″H x 4.07″D
Single – 5.75″W x 10.13″H x 4.00″D
Single – 10.61″W x 5.70″H x 6.85″D
Single – 5.84″W x 10.11″H x 4.22″D
Single – 5.70″W x 9.85″H x 3.95″D
Single – 6.64″W x 10.03″H x 4.01″D
Single – 5.70″W x 9.85″H x 2.95″D
Single – 11.20″W x 4.85″H x 3.70″D
Single – 5.67″W x 8.16″H x 3.75″D
Single – 5.08″W x 9.10″H x 2.95″D
Single – 4.95″W x 9.04″H x 2.82″D

Double – Holds 2 Boxes

Double – 10.56″W x 10.03″H x 3.81″D
Double – 5.60″W x 20.04″H x 3.94″D
Double – 11.38″W x 10.13″H x 4.00″D
Double – 10.70″W x 10.10″H x 3.95″D
Double – 10.70″W x 10.10″H x 2.95″D
Double – 5.70″W x 20.10″H x 4.08″D
Double – 11.20″W x 9.60″H x 3.70″D
Double – 10.60″W x 10.00″H x 3.82″D
Double – 10.97″W x 8.16″H x 3.75″D

Triple – Holds 3 Boxes

Triple – 15.87″W x 10.03″H x 3.81″D
Triple – 5.50″W x 30.11″H x 3.94″D
Triple – 17.00″W x 10.13″H x 4.00″D
Triple – 17.08″W x 10.11″H x 4.22″D
Triple – 15.95″W x 10.10″H x 3.95″D
Triple – 15.95″W x 10.10″H x 2.95″D
Triple – 11.20″W x 14.35″H x 3.70″D
Triple – 15.82″W x 10.04″H x 3.79″D
Triple – 15.87″W x 10.03″H x 3.81″D
Triple – 10.10″W x 20.40″H x 3.95″D
Triple – 16.32″W x 8.16″H x 3.75″D

Quadruple – Holds 4 Boxes

Quad – 22.32″W x 9.99″H x 3.81″D
Quad – 22.63″W x 10.13″H x 4.00″D
Quad – 22.45″W x 10.03″H x 3.88″D
Quad – 11.20″W x 19.10″H x 3.70″D
Quad – 21.19″W x 10.03″H x 3.81″D
Quad – 22.50″W x 8.00″H x 4.13″D
Quad – 21.67″W x 8.16″H x 3.75″D

Colors & Material          

White Powder Coated Steel
White ABS Plastic
Beige ABS Plastic
Maple Fauxwood ABS Plastic
Cherry Fauxwood ABS Plastic
Semi-Transparent Polycarbonate Plastic
Clear PETG Plastic
Stainless Steel

Our Trusted Glove Box Holder Brands