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Medical Equipment Assembly

Cabinet Assembly

Professional Assembly

Most medical equipment does not come assembled from the manufacturer.  It arrives on your dock in a box with instructions.  Who is going to put it together and get it to its intended location? What if your facility doesn’t have a loading dock or adequate space for assembly?  Let Fox Medical handle this for you.  You can have your equipment drop-shipped to our warehouse and our trained professionals will assemble your equipment for you. Assembly in a controlled environment allows our professionals to utilize proper resources to ensure proper assembly.  If you prefer assembly at your location, no problem.  We will send our trained professionals to assemble it on site.


Your equipment will be staged in our warehouse prior to delivery eliminating the clutter caused by staging on site.

Labeling and Asset Tagging

Fox Medical handles all product labeling of your equipment. Asset tags are applied with the appropriate information such as facility and room number.

Assembly of Non-Fox Equipment

Fox Medical is happy to assemble equipment that is purchased by your facility direct from the manufacturer as well. We will take the same great care of these items and receive, store, assemble and deliver them to your facility when you are ready for them.

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