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Fox-to-Facility Delivery Program

Fox Medical prides itself on first in class turnkey delivery and installation from our facility to yours. Our team will ensure your facility is provided with exceptional service in terms of proper setup. Unlike other companies, Fox Medical utilizes our own trained service technicians to handle your installation. Our team is educated and trained in proper handling of your equipment and can provide an in-service and answer questions if required. We offer flexible delivery schedules to minimize disruptions to your facility.

  • Equipment Arrives Fully Assembled – We ensure your equipment arrives fully assembled, placed in the appropriate location and ready for operation.
  • Delivery Direct to Room – We will place your equipment where you ask us to.
  • Before and After Hours Delivery – For your convenience, we have the ability to offer delivery before or after your facility’s operating hours. This is important for active facilities seeing patients throughout the day.
  • By-The-Minute Delivery – Give us a specific time for delivery and we will be there. Our goal is to minimize disruption to your staff and patients.
  • Weekend Delivery – Fox Medical offers weekend delivery for your convenience.
  • Delayed Projects – No Problem. We can adjust on the fly, hold your equipment at our facility and deliver when you are ready.
  • Delivery and Installation of Non-Fox Equipment – Fox Medical is happy to receive and store equipment that is purchased by your facility direct from the manufacturer as well. We will take the same great care of these items and receive, store, assemble and deliver them to your facility when you are ready for them.
  • Disposal of Old Equipment – What to do with your old equipment? If you are upgrading your equipment and need to have old equipment removed, you came to the right place. Let our team remove your old equipment as we bring in your new equipment.