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Clean & Sanitize Medical Equipment

Clean & Sanitize

Medical equipment used in medical facilities are constantly in use and moved throughout the facility.  It’s inevitable that this equipment will accumulate a not so pleasant buildup of dirt, grime, hair and other unappealing material.  Properly cleaning and sanitizing this equipment is an arduous process and most facilities do not have the manpower, equipment, space or time to facilitate an appropriate program.

How Can Fox Medical Equipment Help

We have a turnkey program that ensures your equipment is properly cleaned and sanitized.  Included in our program:

  • Pickup at your facility
  • Clean the entire piece of equipment
  • Caster cleaning is included
  • Sanitize your equipment
  • Delivery back to your facility
  • 24 hour turnaround

We would prefer to clean and sanitize your equipment at our facility.  Providing this service in a controlled environment allows our professionals to utilize proper resources to ensure the best results.  However, if you would prefer that we perform this service at your location, no problem.  We will send our trained professionals to your facility.