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Therapy Wall

Fox Medical Equipment offers a broad line of Physical Therapy Equipment from the industry’s leading manufacturers.  Selecting the proper physical therapy equipment is essential for your facility as they give the health care provider the ability to provide the highest level of therapy.  From treatment tables to weight racks and Parallel bars to pulley systems, Fox Medical Equipment has you covered.

Diverse Product Options

features vary by model

Therapy & Treatment Tables

Treatment Tables
Sectional Tables
Hi-Lo Treatment Tables
Multi Position Tables
Tilt Tables
Wheelchair Access Tables
Bariatric Tilt Tables
Mat Platform Tables
Bariatric Mat Tables
Therapy Mat Tables
Space Saver Mat Tables
Powered Mat Tables
Stand-In Tables
Mobile Therapy Tables
Horseshoe Therapy Tables
Hand Therapy Tables
Whirlpool Tables

Positioning Aids

Positioning Pillows
Positioning Bolsters
Positioning Wedges

Weight Racks, Pulleys & Weights

Dumbbell Racks
Mobile Therapy Stations
Weight Racks
Pulley Systems
Exercise Rack Stations
Therapy Wall Systems
Dumbbell Wagon
Weight Bars
Exercise Balls
Ball Weights
Dumbbell Weights
Ankle & Wrist Weights

Rehab Aids & Strength Testing

Shoulder Ladder
Shoulder Wheel
Transfer Boards
Exercise Skates
Pinch Gauges
Hand Dynamometer

Parallel Bars

Height/Width Adjustable Parallel Bars
Folding Parallel Bars
Floor Mounted Parallel Bars
Pediatric / Child Parallel Bars
Bariatric Parallel Bars
Platform Mounted Parallel Bars
Ambulation & Mobility Parallel Bars
Powered Parallel Bars

Work Conditioning    

Work-Well Systems
Lift and Place Rack Stations
Carry-All Weight Box
Tool-Kit Weight Box
Shovel Levering Stations
Bolt Module
Push-Pull Sled Station
Disc Weights

Staircases, Ambulation & Balance Training  

Mini Staircase
ADA Staircase
Straight Staircases
Convertible Staircases
Bariatric Staircases
3 in 1 Training Staircases
Nested Footstools
Ramp and Curb Sets
Balance Activity Platform

Our Trusted Physical Therapy Equipment Brands